What is a lace frontal?   

What is a lace frontal?                                                                        

A frontal is a hair piece is designed with a silk or Swiss lace base to enhance the finished look of your weave.

If is wonderful for persons with a thin hairline, for it will create a new hairline from ear to ear.

You will be able to part your hair any way you choose with ease and confidence.

It is commonly attached onto a cornrow base by sewing around the perimeter.

Wig clips can also be used for attachment.  Our frontals also have a lace front.




What is the difference between a frontal and a closure?

A closure is usually a 4X4 piece meaning 4inch long and 4inc large piece for the most part.

A frontal goes from hear to hear so your entire front is covered. That is the big difference.

There is 3parts of frontal: the all lace closure, the silk and lace combination (lace all the way but 4X4silk in the midle of the frontal), the all silk lace so no matter where you part it you will see silk.

The lace frontals are usually 13inch long and 6 and up inches wide..Please make sure your hair beautician knows how to properly sew in so it will lay down flat since we do not recomand glue.


What is the diffrence between silk and swiss lace ?

If you are getting curly hair weave extensions style we recommand using  the swiss lace closure or swiss lace frontal since we dont really see the define part but if you are going with straight hair go for the the silk lace closure of lace frontal.

the difference between a silk base and a swiss base closure