What is a hair weave?

What is a hair weave?

You most likely heard about the term hair weave multiple times, but what does it mean?



 How can a hair weave enhance the beauty of your hair and what can it be used for? Let’s find all of that right away! The hair weave is a treatment you can find in many salons all over the world and it basically implies the addition of natural or artificial hair within the client’s natural hair.
The main purpose of a hair weave is to increase the length or thickness of any hair type. It is also use as a protective style to protect and help your real hair grow underneath the weave. You can also consider a weave if you want to give your real hair a break from all the heat and colors without giving up the look. As for the type of hair that can be added to the natural hair of any client, this can have any texture, color or length. It all comes down to the particularities and choice of each client.

Depending on the situation, this hair weave treatment can be applied in a multitude of ways.

It can either be blended seamlessly with the client’s natural hair, but there will be times when a hair weave can fully cover the natural hair of that particular person. It can be sewed in, taped, glued, clipped in, fusion but there are healthier choices then others so make sure you read carefully before you choose the right one for you. Please make sure when adding a weave not to keep it for too long because you need to keep your scalp breathing in order to keep your real hair healthy so change it up every 6-8weeks.


But you don’t have to opt for that most of the time. In fact, most of the times people tend to opt for a hair weave in order to just slightly accentuate their natural hair.

Adding in some more volume and inch to the natural hair is what most of the clients want/need to accomplish via a hair weave. These types of hair weave is called a hair extension. There are a wide variety of hair extensions on the market, so picking the right one for you might not be that much of a problem!

The tricky thing about a hair weave is that it has to fully match the client’s natural hair color. Thankfully, you can easily access multiple types of hair weave on the market and most salons actually have a wide array of weaves to begin with.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the hair weave needs to have the same hair color as the natural hair.

There are many clients that opt for colorful weaves. These bring in a splash of color to the natural hair and they also make the entire experience a lot more interesting and immersive to begin with. In this particular case, the salon professionals need to place extra care in regards to the hair weave installation process. If the weaves are improperly placed, they can damage a client’s natural hair and the overall look will not be that good either.

The hair weaves aren’t that costly, so anyone can afford them since there are synthetic weave and virgin human hair weave.


If you are looking for a style that will last you a week or a special even maybe then you should get some synthetic but make sure you find the ones that feels soft when you touch them. You just need to make sure that your hair is strong enough to sustain the extra weight, so opting for a good hair treatment might be a priority in this regard. But as long as you do that, the experience can be very well worth it.

Some people try to apply hair weaves on their own, but if you want to get the job done properly, you should consider visiting a salon right away! If you are looking for a human hair feel then you should invest in real Remy hair extensions. Why because some hair weave are mixed with animals hair like horses and Yaks so make sure you have good quality hair weave that will last you a good 1 1/2 year with proper care.