How to protect your weave Hair extension while swimming?

How to protect your weave Hair extension while swimming?

Swimming with Hair Extension

The weave Hair extension is great if you want to grow a longer hair and it can help do wonders if you want to have a very impressive,

visually appealing look. Weaves can also help protect your hair. However, if you don’t opt for quality weaves you will end harming your hair,

so always try to acquire high quality extensions with human hair if you want the best possible experience and outcome.

But what can you do in order to protect your weave Hair extension while taking a swim? At first, this might seem like

quite the challenge. This type of extensions is known for being quite troublesome, so the last thing you want is to add insult to injury.

Here you have a few tips that will help protect your weave hair extensions when you want to go for a swim:


  • Detangle your extension hair before you get it wet. Water will make it a lot harder to detangle, not to mention your extensions will be damaged a lot easier if they are tangled. So, the best approach is to just try and detangle them on your own. It will be quite easy to do that while the hair is dry, so avoid swimming before you detangle your extensions. Use a wide-tooth comb
  • If you can, try to section your hair. It will help you avoid situations where your hair will float around in a huge mass. Instead, it will make everything a lot easier to handle. Plus, your hair will be tangle-free, which is exactly what you want to have in this situation. After sectioning the hair braid them.. either 2-3parts or anyway you feel comfortable with!
  • Saturate your hair and the weave Hair extension with water and conditioner. This is especially true if you are going for a swim in the ocean or any other salty water. Chemicals included in salty water will immediately attack your hair. You can see your hair as a sponge; it will immediately become saturated with these chemicals if you expose it to them. This is why we recommend you to saturate your natural and extension hair with your own conditioner.
  • Remember to wash your hair as soon as you get out of the water. A good idea here is to opt for a swimmer’s shampoo this will remove the mineral build-up and it will also eliminate any chlorine. Any type of quality shampoo should work here. If possible, get one that is sulfate-free as it will help maintain your weave Hair extension in the very best shape without damaging it. Don’t forget to use a lot of good conditioner too. We recommand  the following:
  • Organix brands -(moroccan, coconut, argan..whatever you like and that is on SALE 🙂 BUT the organix coconut water ARE THE ONES WE PREFER FOR SWIMMING 

** There are a few other ones that are super good too but these ones are affordable and you can bring 2bottle of conditionner without breaking the bank**

best weave shampoos and conditionersHerbal essence-best weave shampoos and conditioners

Then you will need  keep the moisture in your hair by sealing it with some  leave-in conditioner and/or moisturizing cream. We recommand products that containt lots of water and that are the most natural as possible. And at last apply your natural oil starting from the ends and going up. DO not apply too much. Maybe the size of a water drop or 2.

If you are looking for power mask products that you can use maybe every 3days or before getting on that plane or after your day at the pool… no matter the situation, when you want to revam those extensions.. try these ones

L oreal Power Moisture

Garnier Damage Eraser

Swimming with hair extension-product

Garnier-Damage eraser-Weave-product

And at last: Use the hair dryer to dry the braided part, not the extensions, just this part, just your roots. We know it is warm and hot and you don t want to spend your vacation doing your hair but just take 10-15min max and dry that part.  Separate your tracks and blow dry them one by one. Leave the weave wet just  dry the sewed in part.. ANd then i you are going to be in the sun for the rest of the day, just let your hair loose and stay in the sun to allow your hair to dry properly.

As per the cream you can add to your roots at the end try these

TRESemme Liquid Gold Argan Oil Infused Perfecting Hair Treatment

Garnier Fructis Sleek &Shine


Garnier Fructis Sleek&shine

We do not recommand using wigs  (even U parts) because it will get heavy and it will pull a lot of tension on your real hair underneath but if you want, just take it off as soon as you can and dry the wig and your own roots. Sew in are made to be a protective style for your own hair so please take care of it and you will keep your real hair  they can also make you look more fashionable. It comes down to you to pick the right option that suits your needs, just take your time and you will be very impressed with the results.

In the end, these are some of the best methods you can use if you want to protect your weave Hair extension while swimming. It’s really easy to follow these tips and with the right approach you will have no problem accessing the very best results!

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