Peruvian Hair Weave

Peruvian Hair Weave

Peruvian Hair Weave is the most expensive on the market

Since it is fairly new and very difficult to get….The Peruvian hair weave is collected from people living in small villages where there aren’t too

many donors like other countries . Perou is located in South America and the population is very ethnical and it’s composed of Amerindians, Spanish,

Asian and lot more. This is why the hair is coarser and way thicker in texture then Brazilian or even Malaysian Hair. It texture blends really well

with African-American relaxed hair textures and mixed hair. The other main reason why that hair has grown in popularity since 2010 is that

even though it is coarse and thick the hair is amazingly smooth and soft. The hair is also very manageable.


If you like to have a full thick head this is the best hair for you, with that hair you could wear only 3 bundles in your head and it will

still look very thick but yet feel very light. Peruvian Hair is considered a delicacy because of the difficulty in obtaining this AAA Grade product

Peruvian hair weave grows naturally wavy, straight and when you wash it it will become very curly .

Our Peruvian hair is Remy Hair which means that all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction as it would growing out

of the scalp naturally.   It comes from a single donor. Our hair is not mixed with artificial or non human hair. It has not been permed,

dyed, colored, bleached, and chemically processed in any way. Please do not be alarmed if you find in your Peruvian hair a few strands

of gray or white hair it only means that the hair is virgin hair in its natural color and has not been dyed.

If you want the best of Peruvian Hair weave  that will always stay soft and thick and tangle free, you have found it here at best weave hair!!!

We provide the best grade virgin Peruvian hair  meaning that you can dye as blond as you want without damaging the hair and it will last

you up to 1year with the proper care. If you are looking for gorgeous Peruvian Remy hair that is always soft and beautiful. You’ve found it!

You will love this premium quality human hair. Because the cuticles are intact and go in the same direction. The cuticles protect

the hair and prevent tangling, giving you long-lasting, soft hair.

The Peruvian Hair weave is resourceful therefore it can blend in quite    undetected with your own hair or used on its own in a fully ‘closed’ weave.

In addition to this, the hair is naturally thick throughout.

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