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It is essential to hydrate, shampoo and condition your new Best Weave Hair before installation in order to provide the necessary moisture to best enjoy the lustrous and free flowing beauty of your virgin and natural hair weave.

It is important that the shampoo and conditioner that is compatible with your hair type and texture.

In order to ensure the necessary hydration of your best hair weave, fill basin or sink with sufficient warm water, add a large amount of Dove Intensive Repair conditioner and completely soak your best hair weave. You do not have to remove the weft ties, leave the wefts, closure or frontal inside the basin and dissolve by conditioner using deft and circular motions of your hands. Allow the hair weave to be submerged in the hydrating water for over an hour.

After ensuring an effective hydration, rinse the hair product with warm water to ensure all contents of the conditioner have been washed away. Follow it up with gentling shampoo the hair in a downward fashion using the Dove Intensive Repair shampoo while holding the weft or the closure base. 

The Dove Intense Repair Conditioner is the best and highly recommended choice for your Best Weave hair product. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the hair and gently comb through your hair using a wide tooth comb. Then, place the hair in a plastic bag, after 5 minutes have elapsed remove the hair from the bag and rinse them thoroughly. Follow it up by applying a leave-in conditioner, and gently comb through the hair using a wide tooth comb.

Leave the hair weave flat on a towel and let it dry. You can also hang it and allow it to air dry.

We measure the length of our straight human hair weaves in its natural state. However, for wavy or curly hair, the hair is measured when stretched.

If you are planning to order curly or wavy hair weaves, it is highly recommended that you add 4-6 inches to your hair weave. While deciding on the length, make sure it compliments your size and perfectly frames the cut of your face. For instance, an 18” weave is likely to appear longer on a person who is 5’2” rather than a person who is 5’11”.

Indeed, you can dye, colour or lighten our Best Weave Hair products to the contentment of your heart and experimentation.

We provide our clients a highly facilitating colour preview test, which is highly recommended as it provides you an overview of how the new colour with look by dyeing a patch of your chosen hair weave

Closure is a hair piece is designed with a silk or Swiss lace base to enhance the finished look of your weave. It will allow you to part your hair any way you choose with ease and confidence.

It is commonly attached onto a cornrow base by sewing around the perimeter. You can also use wig clips to attach the piece in place.

Our closures also have a lace front, for those who would like to use lace front adhesives. There are different size of closure available. There are 4X4 closure, 5X4 hair closures.

Our closures are freestyle closures; which, allows for styling freedom.

You can style your hair any way you choose. This includes a part down the middle, a side part, and no part with all your hair pulled back.

The hair closures are made with 100% remy hair and can be combed, curled, flat ironed to achieve any hair style you want.How-to-Apply-4X4-Lace-Closure

With proper care,our closures last for multiple installations.

The most important step to ensure a long life for your closure is to seal it prior to each installation.

A virgin donor is the single person who provides us with unprocessed, pure and natural human hair.

Our virgin donor hair pass through a series of strict and highly regulated quality checks and inspections to ensure that they have not been damaged by excessive ironing, perming, dyeing or bleaching.  We provide our customers superior quality, 100% pure and virgin Brazilian hair that is coveted worldwide for the smoothness and thickness of its texture

Remy hair extensions are stronger and healthier as they are perfectly aligned from root to tip, ensuring that not a single strand is unsymmetrical or out of order.

Remy hair provide you a glossier, shinier and tangle free hairstyle that have gone through a series of processing to improve the quality of its texture. These hair extensions can be used for multiple installations.

These are the waste or fallen hair, and they are usually collected from combs, brushed or off the floor of hairdressers and barbers. The cuticle layers of such hair are unaligned and thus, they do not get untangle even after a series of processing to improve their texture using silicone and acid.

This is basically the discarded hair that should be avoided.

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