We at Best Weave Hair, we give you value for your money. We offer the best quality of human hair which lasts long and gives you a gorgeous look our products are of high quality and are the go-to Hair Extensions for those who always want to make heads turn wherever they go.

We are Montreal’s leading Hair Extensions dealers and offer you the best clip in Hair Extensions in Montreal which you can wash, colour and style in whatever way you deem fit.

Our clip in hairs is made from 100% human hair, to make your hair longer and fuller. We offer clip-in Hair Extensions in various shades.

Our clip in Hair Extensions in Montreal is manufactured using stainless steel but to make the attachment invisible; they are covered in tone colour.

The extensions clips also have small rubber lines that make sure the attachments are firm and prevent them from falling out. Take a view of all our clip-in extensions and be dazzled by our products.


With our clip-in Hair Extensions, you wouldn’t have to worry about glue in hairs anymore. You will also say bye-bye to expensive hair procedures that can be damaging to your hair’s health and scalp.

Our clip in Hair Extensions in Montreal are not only affordable as they are an effortless way to add to your style and glamour. You do not have to visit the salon to get your clip-ins fixed. You can attach them in yourself in a few minutes at home.

With clip-inHair Extensions, you can be assured of longer and thicker hair.  They are made to look like hair that’s growing from your scalp. This leaves them undetectable to the average person looking at you. This design is an unbelievably realistic design.

Our Invisible-clips are created with brand new skin weft designs for a simple look.   The designs are made to last for over a year.

They have in them, seven clips wefts in a pack, which means more hair for fewer clips. The more natural your Hair extension clips are,the more they go unnoticeable and are very comfortable while your hair remains full.

Our clip in Hair Extensions in Montreal is premium, tangle free, do not shed, and are very thick from the bottom to the top. Also, our hairs are soft and luxurious, weather friendly, of high quality and designed to last long.

Our hairs also blend seamlessly into your hair and cannot be detected from any angle even when you wear your hair up.

We offer 120 grams of hair and seven weft pieces in our clips, which is enough for a full head. Also all our clips are made from hand selected virgin Remy hair, that till have their cuticles intact. All our hairs also come with minimal shedding and are double weft.

The weave Hair extension is great if you want to grow a longer hair and it can help do wonders if you want to have a very impressive, visually appealing look. Weaves can also help protect your hair. However, if you don’t opt for quality weaves you will end harming your hair, so always try to acquire high quality extensions with human hair if you want the best possible experience and outcome.