Can I dye color or bleach my hair Extensions

You need not worry if your hair color doesn’t fit into any of the unique hair extensions that we have at Best Weave Hair Canada.

Our Hair Extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair. So you can tone or dye it to any color you want. The cuticles of Remy Human hair are always intact and not stripped unlike other types of Hair Extensions. This has made it the best and the highest quality of human hair today.

When you preserve the hair cuticles the right way and align them in a simple style, it can make you look as natural as possible. This ensures the hair is always soft, subtle, tangle-free and shiny throughout its lifetime.

We want to earn the trust of our customers, and we understand how much they value quality and affordability.

That is why we always go the extra mile to provide quality Hair Extensions to their satisfaction. At Best Weave Hair, we use precise and up-to-date tools and methods to sort out the hair cuticles and make sure they are of the same length.

We have the best Hair Extensions on the market because we take time to sort out the hair carefully and ensure it meets up to our customer tastes and demands.



  • Before you go ahead to die everything, test it first with one clip of hair. And if you are satisfied with the results, you can go ahead to dye the entire set.
  • Ensure you hire a professional hair stylist to dye your extensions if you can’t do it correctly yourself. That way, you can achieve the desired results.
  • A darker set of hair extensions is preferred for this purpose to the lighter one. You can then bleach it to a lighter color.


Our collection of hair extensions can withstand dark dye. But we don’t recommend the use of bleach on your hair extensions. After dying, you should apply conditioner and other treatment on the hair to nourish it.




Hair extensions are resistant to heat. And there are different types of hair extensions made of human hair, nylon and polyester.

The more you add color, coil and products to your Remy hair extensions, the more you damage the quality of the hair.

Heat protectors are essential for human hair extensions. You should opt for the lowest heat setting that will produce the desired effect on your hair. Although gels and foams will help the coils to be firm, you should only apply quality salon products to keep the curls together.

To ensure your Remy last as long as possible, we advise you have up to two different types. One could be straight for sleek straight styles while the other could be curled to give you a different look. This can reduce the amount of damage done to your hair extensions by heating and also gives you the opportunity to look different occasionally.

Remy hair extensions can be styled like your natural hair. This is why most customers prefer it. Synthetic hair is not resistant to heat.

So avoid styling them with a heating tool. Remy’s hair is made out of human hair, therefore; it can be heated and styled as desired.

Remember that it’s not even recommended to style your natural hair too often, let alone Remy hair extensions.

Best Weave Hair is the largest direct provider of Human hair in Canada. We offer a great selection of hair textures, colors and lengths so that you can stay on top of the style game!



Answer is yes ladies you can dye, bleach or tone your hair extensions while they are on your head, say you have a wig, a weave and you get bored with the color and wants to change it.

It would be the same thing as doing your own hair. Just be careful to protect the hair before. There are a lot of videos on you tube that will show you the procedure. Make sure you wear clothes that you won’t be needed anymore in case it gets a bit messy and please be careful and follow the procedures.

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