Black Hair Care

Black Hair Care

Black hair is dryer then others meaning it are easier to break if not taking care of properly. Don’t forget ladies, the weave hair extensions is supposed to be a protective style that allows us to leave our real hair alone and protected from the hair dryer heat, the cold weather and so on.

So it is crucial to take care of our real hair so follow our black hair care tips below while wearing those extensions.

Before installation:

  1. Do a deep protein conditioning treatment to strengthen your hair.
  2. Deep condition your natural hair, allow the conditioner to penetrate for at least 20 minutes.

 While wearing your weave extensions:

  • Do scalp massages regularly. You can do it with your fingers or with a scalp massaging brush available on Amazon or anywhere else.
  • The reason why it is so important to massage the scalp is it will stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp which will promote hair grown
  • Before you wash your weave, give yourself an oil treatment. We suggest you use coconut oil and a few drops of Tea tree oil or whatever oil works for you.
  • You can get an applicator bottle at any convenience store and the oils at natural product stores.
  • Keep the oil in your hair for 30mins before you wash.
  • Try to put a hot towel, a Blow Drying Cap or even a plastic bag on your head to really allow the product to penetrate
  • Do an apple cider vinegar rinse to really get rid of dirt and all. Mix 1part of apple cider vinegar and 3part of water, apply in between your tracks with a applicator bottle
  • When washing your extensions do not forget your scalp. Try using a small plastic bottle with a nozzle to apply shampoo and conditioner too hard to reach places.
  • After all that you can wash your regular weave, shampoo, condition and rinse
  • Rinse thoroughly to make sure all excess products has been washed away.
  • Oil your scalp with coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil every 2weeks
    • Never leave in a sewn-in for more than 3 months
    • Dry your braids under the weave thoroughly by sitting under a hard hat hair dryer. If braids remain damp, over time they will develop a mildew-like scent.
    • Extensions attached with fusion, glue, or tapes can be harsh if not cared for properly.
    • Remove all residue and deep condition hair before you reapply. Ask your stylist for a black hair care regimen to maintain your hair.
    • Trim your hair in between your extension installs. Trim the ends at least every 8 weeks.
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    • Do NOT, I repeat DO NOTapply chemical relaxer every time you take off the weave and put another one right back. If you know you will be wearing a protective style for a while, either if it is weave, crochets, braids, wigs, whatever it is. Just put the relaxer one or 2times a year and keep your protective style. Trim your hair in between your extension installs. Trim the ends at least every 8 weeks.
    • Keep your hair moisturized. Apply your favorite moisturizer but use sparingly so it does not weigh down your extensions or clog your pores.


    • Put a few drops of lavender oil, tea tree oil with your regular Jamaican castor oil and apply when needed or any menthol oils. (get a dropper bottle)
    • Use dry shampoo, hold it around 45inches from your scalp and apply
    • Get yourself one of those scalp soother combscalp-soother-comb

    Hope we were able to help you with our black hair care tips help us make this site more informative by sharing your thoughts and secret recipes with us 

Just by doing the steps above I guarantee you will see a BIG difference with your hair texture and health