Meet Our Founder

Nahomie Octave, Founder

Being a woman of color, it’s not always easy to care for my natural hair. I mean, natural hair is great, but keeping it requires several sacrifices.  I once had natural kinky hair that I fancied, but I faced the challenges of everyday styling and maintenance. And finding the time to go to the salon to get them straightened and treated was time-consuming.  Not to mention going out in the cold weather of Montreal and fighting for a parking lot was tiring.



Being a mom and a professional, most of my time goes to my job and family; thus, it was almost impossible to find free time for my hair, although I love taking care of myself and my hair. After consultations with my hairdresser, I switched to hair extensions, and things became more manageable. Even with the change, I spent thousands of dollars on hair extensions, only to discover they were of inferior quality and not worth the money, no matter where I was buying them.



As a lasting solution, I took it upon myself to be a trusted provider of quality women’s hair at cheaper rates and, in the process, help you look good and keep your confidence level high while going about your everyday life.


And that's how Best Weave Hair Extensions came to life.


At Best Weave Hair, we are committed to providing Canadian and American women with hair extensions of premium quality.  Our reach extends past America and Canada to every part of the world.  You can order any hair extension of your choice from the comfort of your home while conveniently paying in Canadian dollars.  Our hair is safe to use and sure to make you happy irrespective of your medical conditions.


By effectively combining non-toxic raw materials and maintaining the highest production standards, we aim to produce hair extensions for every Canadian and American woman. 


We have state-of-the-art warehouses where our hair and hair extensions are stored.  While others may offer you the used hair of random women, we give you a fresh breath regarding issues bordering on women’s hair.  Best Weave Hair is out to inform us women about the trends in fashion and technology, with an emphasis on hair matters.


Getting the best value for your money regarding hair extensions is our first concern at Best Weave Hair.  We aim to achieve this by delivering impeccable customer service and satisfaction through the provision of hairs and hair extensions of premium quality at affordable rates. We, Women at Best Weave Hair, understand that our hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty and has been so for several generations. When we wear the kind of hair we want, there is a natural boost in our confidence, and we feel happy.


Thus, EVERY WOMAN is our priority, from single to married, professionals, sportswomen, and even the ones on the sick bed. While representing integrity and honesty, we want to develop a very healthy relationship with our customers and suppliers; a big HAPPY FAMILY.


Let’s work together !

Because we have been through the struggles of finding GOOD HAIR suppliers, shipping & duty fees, and all that fun stuff, we want to help you build your Hair extensions Business. Let us help you start selling Hair Extensions and make extra income.